Tuesday, January 6, 2009

on track?

well for the most part yes i am on track but flubbed up a little last night after dinner but it okay. today is going good as well have dinner all lined out and ready to go and i am trying to drink that water :( some days are so much easier then others. i did go workout last night which made me feel good in more ways then one, so why does it seem like i have to pull teeth to get my butt there.

Monday, January 5, 2009

a small update!!

i have survived the holidays, and i only fell apart once okay twice, but that's okay. i am here and i am alive and i am looking forward to 2009. i went and weighed in last Monday night and found out that i had gained 3.2 in 6 weeks och! but that's okay i am now (as of today) back on track and counting my points and looking forward to weighing in on Thursday with my girlfriend. so i am hoping that by next Monday i will have lost that 3.2 pounds that i have gained. there are days that i feel that i don't need to loose anymore weight but then there are days that i feel i need to be thinner to look better! so why is thin in? no one will ever know but here we all are trying to be in that thin crowd.

0~hot chocolate
5~sandwich (roast beef)
1~100 cal popcorn

4 waters