Wednesday, January 16, 2013

wow what a long time to not post on this here we go lets try this again and see if it will help me keep on track and make me accountable for what goes in my mouth.  its the same thing over and over and over and over again, tying to stay on track now that my life is so different.  different is good, different is great but i just can't find how to put me first now with kids, and an amazing busy husband and life in general. so this year is the year that i put (ME) first so how some way i need to work on ME.  each year i pick one little word to work on and this year i have chosen ME as my word.  getting back to eating better, drinking way more water and hitting the gym more is on my agenda.  also i need to work on getting myself back in the habit of going to church on Sundays, i have been lacking on that as well and i feel that i am need of so help in that department as well which will help me to get my body, soul and mind on the same page.  so lets just see how long this will last again :)

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

why oh why

can i not get my eating under control???? what's wrong with me????  i know what i need to do i have done it before so what's so different now?  is it the fact that i have lost so much weight or the fact that i don't really care?  well i really do care, i want to be back into my favorite pair of jeans and into my cute work close again so what do i need to do? what do i need to change?  i'm just so mad with myself that i just don't care either until i look in the mirror and see what i am doing to my body again and i don't want to look like i did before and its not if i want to loose a 100 pounds i just want to loose 50.  this is a good goal for me 50, 50, 50 so how do i keep this 50 in my face to keep me on track and to keep me looking forward to the end result.  end result will be a slimmer me and a better looking me and more cute close to wear, but a better looking me and more confident me.  i see that i am loosing some of that and i hate that, i want to be confident in myself and the way i look.  i want to look better for adrian as well.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

it's a new year

so 2011 has began and so is all the diets and resolution's that everyone makes.  i guess this year that includes me.  i started back to weight watchers 01/06/2011 with starting weight of 196.0 21 pounds over my goal weight so it's back to counting points measuring everything out and drinking all that water everyday.  tonight is my first weigh in since being back on the program and i am alittle nerves about going not really sure how i did this week.  i did keep within my points, no big oopies, and a big cut back on my pop and starbucks :)  i know i have lost something since my pants fit better then they have in awhile.  i feel better but I'm scared with the emotional baggage that i am still dealing with that i will relapse way to easy, but if i am paying ww each month and having to go to a meeting maybe that will hold me accountable to the food that i put in my mouth.  my husband has been a big help this last week.  he is also trying to loose some weight before he hits the ice to play hockey :) the next few months.  i have to say i am liking the new program though i love the fact that fresh fruits and veggies are free 0 points :) love it love it love it!!! so i will keep you posted on how the weigh in goes tonight.

Monday, April 26, 2010

wanted to share

Crockpot Mexican Chicken

3 cans corn niblets
3-4 chicken breasts
3 cans black beans (drained)
1 jar chunky salsa
1 taco seasoning packet

spray crockpot with pam put corn in bottom of pot. place chick (fresh or frozen) on top. sprinkle taco seasoning on top of that pour in jar of salsa Pour beans on top of that Cook on low about 5 hours. After about 4 hours, shred the chicken with a fork (should be tender enough to just shred apart by stirring - or sometimes I'll take out the chicken, shred it up and place it back in the crockpot).i do not put the corn in but put 2 large cans of green chiles on the bottom and i add one more can of black beans.1 cup = 3 points for ww gals


i messed up this weekend :( my eating was not the best this last weekend i have my extra 35 that i'm sure was used up and some of my activity points as well. but i am back on track today eat a good breakfast and lunch and i have already drank all my water for the day :) i also got up (even though i so wanted to stay in bed) and walked my 2 miles on the treadmill this morning and will be heading to curves for my second workout of the day in just a couple hours (after work). i still have 12 points left for dinner which is spaghetti tonight with whole wheat pasta and my wonderful spaghetti sauce that even Damon likes, and a nice big side salad for me. it's amazing how much easier it is to stay on track during the week when there is more stress from work, home and trying to keep on track, but i honestly think that it is harder on the weekend. what is harder for you the work week or the weekends? any ideas for the weekend eating?

till next time :)

Friday, April 23, 2010


just a quick note to tell you about my weigh in this morning 184.1 total of 8.9 pounds since last week :) happy dance time :) hope you all have a great weekend.

till next time :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010


so why did KFC have to create this? and we wonder why Americans are so over weight, its because of fast food joints that create things like this. so do you know how many calories, and how much fat is in this thing?? let me just tell you 520 cal, 32 grams of fat and 1380 grams of sodium!!! so in WW world this is 13 points for one sandwich. so i could have a 4oz steak,
baked potato and a salad for that many points.