Monday, April 26, 2010

wanted to share

Crockpot Mexican Chicken

3 cans corn niblets
3-4 chicken breasts
3 cans black beans (drained)
1 jar chunky salsa
1 taco seasoning packet

spray crockpot with pam put corn in bottom of pot. place chick (fresh or frozen) on top. sprinkle taco seasoning on top of that pour in jar of salsa Pour beans on top of that Cook on low about 5 hours. After about 4 hours, shred the chicken with a fork (should be tender enough to just shred apart by stirring - or sometimes I'll take out the chicken, shred it up and place it back in the crockpot).i do not put the corn in but put 2 large cans of green chiles on the bottom and i add one more can of black beans.1 cup = 3 points for ww gals


i messed up this weekend :( my eating was not the best this last weekend i have my extra 35 that i'm sure was used up and some of my activity points as well. but i am back on track today eat a good breakfast and lunch and i have already drank all my water for the day :) i also got up (even though i so wanted to stay in bed) and walked my 2 miles on the treadmill this morning and will be heading to curves for my second workout of the day in just a couple hours (after work). i still have 12 points left for dinner which is spaghetti tonight with whole wheat pasta and my wonderful spaghetti sauce that even Damon likes, and a nice big side salad for me. it's amazing how much easier it is to stay on track during the week when there is more stress from work, home and trying to keep on track, but i honestly think that it is harder on the weekend. what is harder for you the work week or the weekends? any ideas for the weekend eating?

till next time :)

Friday, April 23, 2010


just a quick note to tell you about my weigh in this morning 184.1 total of 8.9 pounds since last week :) happy dance time :) hope you all have a great weekend.

till next time :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010


so why did KFC have to create this? and we wonder why Americans are so over weight, its because of fast food joints that create things like this. so do you know how many calories, and how much fat is in this thing?? let me just tell you 520 cal, 32 grams of fat and 1380 grams of sodium!!! so in WW world this is 13 points for one sandwich. so i could have a 4oz steak,
baked potato and a salad for that many points.

on track

i am still on track with my exercise and eating :) i am doing a great job!! so why didn't i do this before like a year ago??? didn't have that slap in the face to tell my that i have gained weight and i am fat again probably. was told a few weeks ago that i have gained weight and that i need to loose it. ouch what a slap but it woke me up and look at what i have done in just a little over a week. down 7 pounds and able to fix comfortable back into one of my favorite pair of jeans. my hard work is paying off and i need/want to make sure i keep going.

till later :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

the question of the day???

does muscle weigh more then fat???
NOPE it doesn't it weighs the same a pound is a pound. the fat will take up more space then the muscle but it still weighs the same. i just had to post this today since i saw someone on FB say that muscle weighs more then fat.
till next time :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

water water...

why is it so hard to drink water? we know it's good for our body but really that much in one day! so ww says you need to drink at least 6 8oz servings per day and most others say 8 8oz servings per day. so i drink at least my 6 servings and feel like i am in the bathroom every hour on the hour to pee. drinking plain water becomes boring, so i am thankful for the person who first invented the drink singles to add to your bottled water it make the water taste much better lol :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

quick weekend update

okay so i stepped on the scale this morning and i am down to 186.4 :) i am so happy!!! i made sure i drank all of my water (and then some) yesterday since that is my hardest thing on the weekends. wrote everything down that i eat and went for my morning walk on the treadmill. today i am taking the day off from walking but making sure i keep track of my points and drinking all my water. why do weekend have to be so hard?

till next time :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

can it be true...

that i really lost 5.9 pounds in just 3 days??? i got back onto the scale this morning to see how i was doing and i weighed in at 187.1 and 3 days ago it was 193.00. i stepped off the scale reset it and stepped back on to it and it said the same thing so i did a happy dance this morning the bathroom. so the working out twice a day, eating right and drinking all the water is paying off. which i knew it would i just had/have to get my mind back into the mode of looking, reading, weighing, measuring, writing everything, and moving my butt.

till next time :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

one day at a time...

so yesterday was a great day stayed on track and stayed within my point limit for the day of 25, this makes me so happy that i made it the first day and i didn't cheat :) i went and worked out at curves as well. this morning was up before damon and hunter left the house and hit the treadmill for a great walk watching a beautiful sunrise. i walk 1.75 miles this morning and i felt great after words did the dishes, swept the house (mostly all tile) before getting ready for work. i am planning on hitting curves again tonight and hoping to do at least 1 1/2 laps.

till next time :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


i am trying to get my butt into gear and get back on track. i stepped on the scale this morning and I wanted to cry 193.0 pounds. what the f*%k!! i just can't figure out why i have let myself do this again what is hindering me from getting back on tack and lose weight again? is there something in the back of my mind that i just don't realize that is making me not want this? So far so go but today is day one of the rest of my life.

so is a new plan in order? is a new workout in order? a new lifestyle in order? pray about it more in order? YES to all of these questions. i am sticking with WW i know it works i just have to eat within my points and think about the food that is going to go into my mouth before it goes in then to my butt :) as far as working out i am walking on the treadmill at home in the mornings about 30 minutes at 3 miles per hour and 3% incline for 1.5 miles and now this week i have added curves back into the mix. need to find new foods that will help me stay on track as well. need to do a overhaul in the kitchen and put points on everything. i am going to get back into asking God for help and gaudiness with this battle. oh and to blog more i think this will help get the emotional stuff of my chest.

so this is my starting point i hope this is the time the time for change. wish me luck till next time.