Friday, July 24, 2009

day 2

and i really want dairy queen it's so hot out and i just want ice cream!! this always happens i start out good but fall off so quickly anymore, i have lost my will power to say NO!!!!

points (22 points per day)
2~fiber one cereal and fiver one yogurt
5~green salad (same as yesturday)


Thursday, July 23, 2009

a new day a new start

so here i go so how long till a blow it? well i know i will not stay within my points on saturday due to i am going shopping then out to lunch with the girls to red robin but i do love one of there salads instead of having a burger so i will feel better about that choice, plus shopping is excirse right? lol!!

points~ 22 per day
4~starbucks :)
2~fiber one cereal & fiber one key lime yogurt (mixed together)
6~green salad (peppered turkey 2oz, fat free 1000 dressing , lettuse, mushrooms, green onion, radis, red bell pepper)
0~diet root beer (4oz)
2~100 cal snack pack
6~pork roat
1~green beans
2~100 cal snacks
total 25

water count~

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


i think it is time to get my ass back in the gym and on the treadmill and start counting all my points again. i have gained to much in the last few months that i am not able to wear a few things :( so tomorrow is a GREAT day to start back on to WW. i know why i have gained all the stress is gone from life and i am happy again so i am eating and not caring what i am eating and how much of it. i am truly enjoying life again and finding my way through life. so the journey starts tomorrow to get these extra pounds off my ASS!!! and with that being said i will keep my blog updated and post my daily happenings (well maybe not everyday).