Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Still alive!!!

yes i am still alive and i am still maintaining my weight loss!!! i weighed in last thursday and was currently at 168.8 still under my life time goal for ww. i have noticed that my pants are fitting a little titer so i am working on loosing a few pounds i like the 165's that seems to work really well for me. i have been running the last 3 nights and i feel awesome afterwards, it is so true what they say about working out after a day of work that i helps your mood. i feel good about myself and what I have been able to do with my weight loss. with all the stress in my life right now for some reason i have not lost sight of my weight loss and have not started gaining way to much weight. i am so thankful that i have not fallin off the deep end and gain my fat ass back :) plus i have a guy in my life that wants me to look hot on his right arm, so i am trying to keep him happy and me happy by looking good.