Friday, May 30, 2008

summer blog challenge

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i have signed up for a summer blog weight loss challenge here go check it out and there are more challenges here. so go check them out see if anything will help or inspire you for to look great this summer. i am looking forward to this challenge and to meet some new women that are struggling with there weight just like me. this is the whole point of this blog to express my heavy weighted feelings and the size of my ass.

happy friday to you!

it's Friday and i am so so so happy!!! i think part of it is that i fit back into a pair of jeans that i have been unable to wear (comfortably) for a while. even though i had a gain weighing in last night. i am getting back onto the treadmill wagon and am going to start walking/running my bouncing butt off. i got a phone call about early bird water aerobics that will be starting here next week, i am so looking forward to starting this again loved it last year, i have two new swim suits ready to get wet and not fit me by the end of the summer.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Weight in time!

so i have to say that i am not looking forward to weighing in here in about an hour. i am scared that i will have eaten my way to another gain and i am so tired of gaining i want to be loosing even if it is .2 as long as it's a loss i don't care at this point. i did not weigh in last week as i was out of town on vacation, and i ate what i wanted to eat while i was on vacation thinking the whole time that i should not be eating this it show on the scale next week. i will be back later to post what my results where. till later.

edit: okay so i gained but i only gained .6 in two weeks so not so bad and i am still at 65 pounds lost. so what am i going to do to get my ass back on track? i have no clue what to do and i think this freaks me out the most of all.

i need to say thanks to my BFF's (you know who you are) for you support and encouragement that you give to me. thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

a before and current photo

this photo was taken september 2006 this photo was taken march 2008
so okay looking at the first photo in this post and realizing i was the FAT brings tears to my eyes. and then i ask myself why did i let this happen to myself, and i have no answer for this question. i am so thankful to a couple of people who showed me Weight Watchers and that if they could lose weight so could i. thank you to Amy and Cassandra for showing me that there was help and that i was not alone in this battle of the bulge.

My first post!!

Well this is my first post for this new blog about my weight loss goals, challenges and disappointments.

Back ground:

Started Weight Watchers December 7th, 2006 starting weight was 239 pounds. As of today's date I am at 172 pounds for a total loss of 67 pounds. Starting size was a 22 pants and 2xl shirts and currently I am in a 14 pant and L or M in shirts.

I am so happy with what I have been able to accomplish but I am so so so stuck right now. I have gone back to my old ways and eating what ever when ever I want to. This is really playing some back head games with me. I want to get to my goal of 139 (a 100 pounds lost) but right now I feel as if I will never get there. So what's the problem with me I was doing so great then I fell (flat on my face) I can't seem to get back on track and stick with the program and keep with in my points each day.

Well enough for right now till next time.