Monday, September 29, 2008

one more week

in just one more week i will be a life time member of weight watchers. i am a little unhappy with myself after tonight's weigh in since i gained 2.2 pounds. i am still below the 175 mark so i am still okay. i am back on track though for tomorrow and the rest of the week. i want to have a loss for next week.

Friday, September 26, 2008

junk food news

i came across this web cite today and thought it was kind of interesting. goes to show you that junk food is more popular then healthy food. we are a nation of fast food junkie's and that's why we are a very fat nation. but at least some of us are willing to step up and take control of our eating and work at becoming a healthier person. for all of you out there working hard at loosing weight and becoming a healthier person keep up the great work.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

weigh in time!

so i had my weigh in tonight and i had a small gain .8, and i am okay with that. knowing that i eat really bad over the weekend and on monday when i just had to have a cheese burger and fries from cougar country while i was in pullman, washington. so i am ok with it. i am still below the 175 mark and speaking of the 175 pound mark i have 2 more weigh ins and i will be a life time member with the help of my doctor. but i am still able to loose as much as i want to but just not have to pay $39.95 each month.

i have entered into an 8 week weight loss challenge in hope's it will keep me motivated and on track. you can also be part of the challenge just go here and check it out.

hope everyone can stay on track for the weekend. i will be working hard to stay on track for monday's weigh in and loose the .8 that i gained this week.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Biggest Loser is Back!!

Yep Bob and Jillian are back and ready to make the new contestants loose there weight and bad habits. Last night watched the Biggest Loser Family and it's so eye opening for me now that I have lost most of my weight I wonder why I gained the weight. What was the reason for eating just to eat and only gain it as fat and become unhealthily. It's still inspiring to me to watch the show and I just feel like I need to get my butt moving and working out more then I am. So I am excited to see how much weight that they will all loose over these next few months.
I am happy to say I had a great weigh in on Monday night I lost 3.6 pounds for a total weight loss of 69.8 pounds total. My goal is to hit 75 pounds lost by the end of the month. I am staying on track and staying really focused right now. Hope you have been able to keep up with your weight lose goals.

Friday, September 5, 2008

a goal of 175...

has been set. so after talking with my doctor we set a goal for my weight at 175. so i am really tying to stay below 175 so i can make life time with ww, and so far so good with 2 weeks down i am getting closer to the 7 weeks that i have to stay under my goal weight. i am still able to keep loosing weight even. so far this has helped me staying on track and make me start really
thinking about what I am eating. on my scale at home since tuesday i have lost almost 6 pounds, but over the weekend i had gained most of that that's why i only lost .2 last night at weigh in. i have also been trying to get my butt to curves 5 days a weeks so this week with monday a holiday i have only went 2 twice, had a hair appointment wednesday and yesterday was my 15th wedding Anniversary and so tonight i will be going. tomorrow i will 1 to 2 miles in a parade so i will have some exercise this weekend as well..