Wednesday, January 16, 2013

wow what a long time to not post on this here we go lets try this again and see if it will help me keep on track and make me accountable for what goes in my mouth.  its the same thing over and over and over and over again, tying to stay on track now that my life is so different.  different is good, different is great but i just can't find how to put me first now with kids, and an amazing busy husband and life in general. so this year is the year that i put (ME) first so how some way i need to work on ME.  each year i pick one little word to work on and this year i have chosen ME as my word.  getting back to eating better, drinking way more water and hitting the gym more is on my agenda.  also i need to work on getting myself back in the habit of going to church on Sundays, i have been lacking on that as well and i feel that i am need of so help in that department as well which will help me to get my body, soul and mind on the same page.  so lets just see how long this will last again :)